Luxury yachts and Superyachts | 1uk yacht brokers and prestige luxury portal | Speak to us about listing, Brokers Welcome. ( the leading luxury portal for Superyachts - Private Jets - Prestige Property - Hypercars are the exclusive distributors of the exciting brand new invention for yacht toys " Jet Body Boards". Available for global shipping you can buy directly on our Luxury Yacht Portal at
These electric powered body boards are perfect for Superyachts on charter for all guests to use and also for smaller yachts with limited space or weight restrictions on sailing yachts.
The Rescue Version is also a "must have" Instant Launch life saveing piece of equipment where you can throw into the water and you have instant power to someone in distress and it can carry one and tow one person.
Weighing from 18 Kilos these lightweight boards can do speeds of around 10mph and can last up to an hour in the water on a single charge. Endorsed by Richard Branson be the first to entice your family and guests where you can all explore at the same time. Brokers, speak to us about discounts for bulk purchase and also becoming a licensed reseller.