5 Reasons Why Spring is Ideal for a Yacht Charter on the French Riviera (bespokeyachtcharter.com)
Almost one hundred years ago, luxury yachts were not common place on the French Riviera with the preferred transport being trains especially the Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée (PLM) expresses. Le Train Bleu opened up the region and brought with it distinguished passengers over the years including Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Coco Chanel, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Somerset Maugham.

Good weather and sunny skies flipped the coin for the French Riviera as hotels began to extend their season to cater for wealthy visitors.

Today, the French Riviera’s popularity continues - find out why spring is ideal for a yacht charter on the French Riviera: http://www.bespokeyachtcharter.com/luxury-yacht-charter/5-reasons-why-spring-is-ideal-for-a-yacht-ch...