Best Practices: The Transformation Of Communication In Yachting (
The current global situation due to coronavirus is affecting everyone from crew recruitment to provisioning companies, shipyards, yacht agencies, charter brokers, marine suppliers and more. 

If anything, the past month has highlighted a knowledge gap with small to medium yachting businesses who do not have a strategy for long-term, consistent marketing nor do they have a strategy for crisis / reputation management.

It's very clear that there are huge troughs and peaks with marketing activity - particularly relating to seasonal yacht shows - and businesses are overwhelmed where to start with building relationships and maintaining their brand presence if they're restricted from having in-person meetings. 

It's irrelevant if you're a yachting startup or a large established company - our usual processes and channels for building commercial trust and relationships have changed. Coronavirus has reset the marketing playing field.

Join me and other PR, communications and content experts as we share insight for managing reputation, maintaining brand equity and marketing ideas for this tough time.